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The best English content on Instagram - Part 2

Part 1 of this article showed you four of our favourite Instagram influencers putting out great English language content.

Read on to find a few more influencers who are bringing something unique to the English language teaching community!

RKA Valencia is a welcoming and inclusive academy in Valencia, Spain. We love to integrate new technology into our classrooms; check out our blog about how we have adapted to the online/in-person issues that most educational businesses are facing.


@1taskaday – Simple, effective and focused

Follow the @1taskaday account and get just that – one simple task everyday.

If you can keep up with one question, quiz or pronunciation every day, you’ll be able to improve your English, little by little.

That everyday exposure is very important for language learners not to forget everything they learned.

This account is great for those wanting a low time commitment, but plenty of useful content and activities. There’s no flashy design or exciting graphics to distract, just pure and simple English learning. – Idioms for every occasion

Follow and fill your world with English idioms, from social expressions about potatoes to how English people use numbers to talk about being well dressed!

The account features fun post designs that really spice up typical English content. Funny videos and images help to cement these ideas in your head, and keep you wanting to come back for more.

Although the ideas of addictive and social media are usually negative, if you can get hooked to this account, it will only be good for you!

@tofluency - Excellent grammar breakdowns

Follow @tofluency and find out how to overcome some of the hardest and most common English grammar problems. Jack, the owner of the account, also brings his teaching experience to an English-learning podcast too.

On his page you'll see social expressions in context and clear explanations of complex grammar.

This is the perfect account for in-depth analysis and good social learning too.

@inenglishwithlove – beautiful, cute and great content

Follow @inenglishwithlove to see a minimalistic and heartfelt approach to English teaching.

This account shows what a clean design aesthetic and bold colours can do to help language learners connect and engage.

Host Sama knows that learners don’t just want basic content posts. They want to engage in a learning process.

If you’re someone who wants to learn English while you think about the larger questions in life, then this is the perfect account for you!


For any students who want better quality English classes, taught by native English experts, then visit us at and find out more. We teach online, in person, or you can choose when you visit us at our Valencia English academy.

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