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20 years of Outstanding Teaching

Our objective is simple – we want every student to develop their ability to communicate in English. We love to work collaboratively with our students, using their feedback and needs to create a flexible and personalised learning environment.

We value long-term relationships and love to see students coming back year after year. To find out how we can help you, get in touch now.



Coming to RKA English means learning from some of the highest-quality English teachers in Valencia. Our team is chosen for their ability to create fun learning environments, their knowledge of English instruction and their commitment.

We love to work with teachers that know the city, know the subject matter and are passionate about bringing their enthusiasm into the classroom. We have been engaging and challenging our students for more than 17 years, all from the same location in the heart of Nuevo Mestalla.

If you’d like to know more about our teachers, directing staff or history in Valencia, don’t hesitate to send us a message.



We believe that the best way to learn English is through real interaction, communication and conversation. Our students are challenged to speak, make mistakes, correct them and keep on speaking.

Too many English classes rely on memorising vocabulary, repetitive learning and grammar-heavy exercises. We want our students to actively take part in their learning, develop their own favourite ways and work with their teacher to incorporate these methods. No more boring worksheets and paint-by-numbers conjugations. RKA students know how passionate our teachers are, and they get the very best from their classes.

With 80% of our class time spent speaking, we ensure that when it’s time for you to use your new English skills in real life, you’ll feel confident and ready.

Why chose RKA?

Our inclusive, flexible and professional approach means that your learning objectives are ours too. Although we have a 93% pass rate after thousands of Cambridge exam entrances over the last 17 years, what we really offer is long-term education and a real care for your learning.

We thrive on developing the most modern teaching practices, using technology and interactive resources to create a varied and engaging environment. If it’s time for your young child to discover a new language or your teen to get ready to face an international world, we are here to support and guide them.

If you need to get ready for a vital exam or want to improve your own English abilities, we can create a class that’s perfect for you.

Meet Some Of Our Clients

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