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Our Classes

Designed for your learning 

We offer specially designed courses no matter the age of the student. Whether you want your little toddler to begin their English journey, or help your teenage son prepare for an exam, we will find a great class for them. And we love to help adults prepare for important presentations, get a promotion with their new language skills, and travel the English-speaking world. RKA Valencia has an English class for you. 


cubs & kids

Our children’s classes are colourful, energetic and fun, and always with a purpose. We want your children to have a great time with us and come away with new knowledge every time.

We love to bring young learners into the academy and start their journey as early as possible. We have taught many children in the Cubs Class (2-5 years), through the Kids Class (5-9 years) and on to the adolescent classes. Through our strong relationships and long-term education objectives, we promote fun and effective learning that lasts.


juniors & teens

Our Junior and Teen classes introduce new learning ideas, build confidence further and push English levels higher. We know how to engage our teens and young adults, keep them concentrated and show them the benefits of English learning.

We design these classes to connect with the interests of young people. Your child will be debating current topics, learning about their friends, and developing self-confidence, all in English.


off all ages

Our adult classes are adaptable, personalised and flexible. We know that it’s tough to find the time to learn English, so we make it easy for you. We organise and set classes based on the needs of our students, not the other way round.

We can run thorough exam preparation classes for Cambridge levels, lead conversation classes that boost your level and confidence or train your brain to communicate at a high level with your work colleagues.

RKA Business

big & small

We have helped many of the largest manufactures, financial services and retail business in Spain, improving their ability to communicate internationally. If you want to expand your teams into the wider market, you’ll need your talented staff ready to negotiate, cut deals and chase down profit, all in English.

We provide an engaging and focused look at business English, helping your teams to get ahead in a busy and competitive English-speaking market. From the front-line phone calls to the c-suite negotiations, we can support your business.


one to one

If you have a specific learning goal or simply want a quieter learning environment, one-to-one classes might be best for you. We will match you with the best possible teacher for your needs and wants, and make sure you can get the very best from your English class time.

We also run intensive courses for upcoming exam dates, business events or before your big trip to an English-speaking country.


individual or groups

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, we were running online classes, giving the best possible service we could, no matter the location. If it is challenging for you to find time or transport to get to us in person, we can still support you and your English learning.

Online classes mean less time wasted, less money spent and a more flexible learning arrangement. We can create online groups, and all learn together, or individual online classes to suit your needs.

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