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One 2 One

get the extra tution you need to achieve your goals

How we make learning fun

We know that when our students enjoy themselves and feel comfortable, they learn. And so, to make sure we achieve this simple goal, we make sure that classes are dynamic, conversational, and not reliant on textbooks and exercises. We love to mix technology and traditional tools to keep our teaching up-to-date and relevant for our developing learners.

We also have plenty of experience balancing fluency and fun, with useful grammar and exam preparation. While they learn with RKA Valencia, they’ll learn confident English and prepare well for any exam.


One 2 one



Per hour from


We offer different possibilties for one to one

Advanced from 35

Our Advanced One2One classes cover some of the key areas that are vital for English learners to develop, while ensuring that both your confidence and your spoken ability rise.
These classes will help you with your specific needs, and whether you want to improve your ability to communicate or simply have fun learning a new language, one2one sessions will be great for you.

Premium from 55

Our Premium One2One classes add extra marked assignments, a more detailed learning plan for exam preparation and personalised learning objectives set based on your performance throughout the classes.

If you need to pass that vital exam, prepare for time abroad or have taken on English speaking tasks at work, this is the course for you.

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