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The best English content on Instagram - Part 1

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

When it comes to learning English, you can study, memorise and recite all you like, but the best outcome you can expect is to be a fluent robot. Every language is so full of nuance and social aspects that you truly need to dive in fully to have any hope of effective communication.

So what can you do to make sure that your English learning is realisitc and effective in the real world? Check out this article to see some of the best English content you’ll find on Instagram!

Social media is an amazing resource for language learners, and everyone can pick up incredible tips, fun expressions and everyday English use from these English influencers.

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@Papienglish – Sam from the UK – 152K followers

Practice and Perfection in English – Papienglish – Sam takes fun idioms, loads of social expressions and a consistent style to make English learning easy and enjoyable.

Lots of English learning accounts focus on cool design, eye-catching colours and exciting prizes. Sam doesn’t go in for all that, and concentrates on showing English leaners, the real and effective English.

You’ll find everyday expressions, rude insults, emotional phrasal verbs and everything in between.

@phrasalccards – 335K followers

If you’re looking for a focused and simple English account to follow, then Phrasal Cards is the one for you. Their pleasing design aesthetic combined with expert content means you can check in daily and get something new every time.

You’ll find fun ‘did you know?’ posts revealing interesting English information, as well as English jokes and much more. They even have an app you can log onto and continue your learning even when you’re not on Instagram.

Their light-hearted quizzes and story interactions will fill your time with useful and effective Engliish.

@bbclearningenglish - BBC Learning English - 2.6 million followers

The British Broadcasting Corporation is one of the most loved institutions in the UK. Whether you love their nature documentaries, the children's TV or any of their efforts, the people of Britain adore it!

Their account shows a great mix of their fabourite characters and presenters telling you about some fun English tips.

They feature plenty of follower content and really engage with their audience in a fun way.

@pronunciationwithemma – Emma from the UK – 174K followers

Unlike Spanish or Italian, English can be a real challenge when it comes to reading and speaking pronunciation.

Many of the sounds change depending on the letters around them, and three or four words that look incredibly similar are all pronounced in different ways.

Emma shows her followers the right way to say all the different sounds you’ll find in the English language, and how to recognise them.

Her easy to follow and high quality lessons will teach you everything you need to know to get started speaking English. She also provides a free pronunciation course which is a great help too.

Check out Part 2 of this article when it's published too.


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