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The best English-speaking travel influencers to inspire you

Regardless of where you live, what your job is or who your friends are, COVID-19 and the nation-wide measures taken across the world will have affected you. There are very few countries that have not been hit hard, and almost everyone around the world has had to dream of travel, but never leave their towns or cities where they live.

Are you are dreaming of traveling to a beautiful beach scene in Indonesia, a wild jungle in South America or the deserts of northern Africa, but find yourself stuck at home? These ‘travel influencers’ can inspire and fulfil your wanderlust, as well as teach you some great English too.

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The best for: Overall excellent travel content

@MariefeandjakesnowMarie and JakeThis couple have been creating stunning, dreamy and very cohesive content for years now, and are at close to 1 million followers on Instagram.

Their content mixes some properly fantastic photography with a very interactive and chatty style.

Pre-COVID some days their posts would be simply gorgeous photos of them swinging over a forest in Bali, snorkeling with dolphins in Mexico or eating something delicious as the sun sets over Santorini.

Other days they post funny videos of them doing challenges, talk about their vegetarian diets and discuss relationship and life issues that they face.

Their fans and followers love their honesty, their bad hair day photos and the way they open up their lives to those who love them. During the pandemic, their content has been focused much more on their relationship and how to be happy, while keeping some inspiration content going too.

You can pick up some excellent informal and formal English, and their account will show you a mix of very formal, descriptive English, and fun chatty ‘everyday’ English too.

The best for: Lifestyle and relationship travel

@BackpackdiariezJean and CamilleWith these guys, you’ll get a mix of everyday fun, and stunning travel shots, all with excellent photography (really a necessity for travel influencers today).

Their 360,000 followers have recently enjoyed following the couple through a pregnancy and the birth of their new son, and their open and honest look at travel influencing and what they do is fantastic.

They don’t take themselves too seriously, and you can see from their photos that they like to laugh, eat, have fun and spend time with friends.

You can learn lots of relatively formal English from their account, with some fun slang and informal expressions too!

The best for: Food travel

@girleatworldMelissa HieMelissa of @girleatworld shows her 358,000 followers exciting food, drinks and everything in between, from all over the globe.

Unique and utterly consistent, Melissa’s posts normally include her hand, holding a delicious snack or drink in front of a famous or beautiful monument or scene.

It’s a mix of amazing looking food and fun travel content, all rolled into one.

A lot of her travel is based around Asia, but also includes trips to Europe, Phillipines, Australia, Turkey and many more.

Her content is full of slang and informal English, and it’s a great place to see mouth-watering food as well as learn loads of social English.

The best for: Fashion and lifestyle travel

@zlicc – Fahira Fazlic – Fahira is a Paris-based fashion/travel influencer with 20,000 followers, bringing wonderful travel content, all with a truly stylish and sleek design.

Wherever she goes, she takes inspirational outfits with her, and the combination of national monuments, capital cities or stunning landscapes with her daring fashion choices make for fun following!

A lot of her pandemic content has been centred in Paris, and for many other travel influencers, this might spell death for their channel.

However @zlicc has kept up a fantastic stream of exciting Parisian content for those that love travel and fashion.

The account is a mix of French, Serbian and English, so you’ll pick up bits and pieces of all three!


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