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Pubs and parties in the UK

Just like meal times and eating in the UK, everything on the party and social scene also looks a little different. These differences are not huge, but there will definitely be an adjustment period for any Spanish night owls (people who like to stay up late) who are living, studying and working in the UK.

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Bars, clubs and pubs can be a bit confusing for Spanish speakers coming to the UK. A Spanish bar is typically closer to what Brits call a club. Many ‘bars’ in Spain have a dance floor, a DJ and loud music, as well as some normal seating and standing areas for people only coming to have a drink.

Bars in the UK tend to stick to the conversation part of the night, and don’t typically have dance floors. Sometimes UK bars might have some dancing space for the end of the night.

Pubs in the UK are something quite unique, and unlike a Spanish ‘pub’, the British version tends to be historical, very down-to-earth (normal and not posh), and a good cheap place to sit with friends.

There’s not normally loud music, and the best thing about British pubs is the amazing food you can often find there. If you want to experience some of the finest heart-warming British food, then a ‘gastropub’ is one of your best bets.

Clubs are the most similar, and you can find huge three or four-floor clubs in London, Birmingham, Bristol and many other cities. They often have different music played in different rooms, and quite aggressive bouncers (security) who are ready to push anyone out who is causing trouble.


As with many activities in the UK, things happen quite early. Most students and young partiers have drinks in their house with friends at around 19:00 or 20:00, then head out in taxis to the club at around 23:00.

Clubs close at around 02:00, so everything happens sooner. The advantage is that you don’t have to stay out till five in the morning to enjoy a party in the UK. You can be tucked up in bed at 01:30, ready for your work day at 09:00 the next day!

A final point

One of the strangest things for many Spaniards in the UK, is the way that people dress as they go to clubs. It’s very typical to find cloakrooms and places to leave bags and jackets in a Spanish bar or club, but in the UK (with higher prices generally), this is not common at all. People carry everything with them, and consequently don’t carry very much at all.

If you spend any of your party time in the UK during the colder months (more than half then year), then you’ll undoubtedly see energetic party goers shivering in t-shirts and small dresses, even when it’s the middle of winter. Cities like Newcastle and the further north Scottish cities are especially known for their brave and tough partiers, heading out into the winter nights in heels and a mini-dress.


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