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New Year’s Resolution phrasal verbs for 2022

While we shouldn’t wait for the 1st of January to decide to make important changes in our lives, it’s never a bad idea to pause, reflect and think about what you could be doing better. The New Year’s Resolution is a great way to focus on important goals for the coming 12 months and give yourself something to aim at.

They say you only hit the targets you aim at, so whether you reach your goal or not, it’s vital to have something in mind! Keep reading to see some fun phrasal verb expressions that you can use in everyday life, as well as when you’re making your resolutions for 2022!

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Get in shape

We’ll start with a fitness goal, which is especially useful after the food and drink that we enjoy during the Christmas period. Getting in shape is a great expression to talk about eating more healthily, exercising more or generally being kinder to your body and mind.

This is a really useful expression for health and fitness, and to be ‘in shape’ means that you are looking good and feeling good as well.

Fix up your CV

A lot of people think about their careers over the Christmas period, and January can be a great job-hunting time for many people.

To ‘fix up’ something means to improve and remove errors and mistakes, so fixing up your CV is a great first step when it’s time to think about a new job.

It can also be a good way to reflect on your career progress from last year, and consider what you’d like to achieve in the coming year too.

Get After It

This is a less specific goal, but it means to try harder, to be more committed and to be more involved with something.

Getting after it is a fun and more ‘aggressive’ way to talk about really becoming involved and focused on your goals, and attacking them in a serious way!

Keep up with your targets

Being consistent and always managing to achieve the things we need to is always hard, and this phrasal verb, to ‘keep up with’ is a great way to talk about not getting behind.

In the modern world we often have to multi-task and think about several things at once, so to keep up with your targets is a great way to not get overwhelmed or stressed.

Keep mental health in mind

2021 was a powerful year in terms of thinking about mental health. When we ‘keep something in mind’ it means that we think about it, or try not to forget it.

The pandemic, lockdowns, masks, testing, quarantines and all these stressful and strange events have made mental health a real priority, so we should all be trying to keep our stress levels in mind as much as possible!

Take up a new hobby

It’s always a great time to start a new activity, learn, progress and develop your skills. Whether it’s a personal or professional hobby, pushing and challenging yourself is fantastic. To take up something new means to begin or start something.

Taking up a new hobby is exciting and it doesn’t matter if it’s running, ice climbing or puzzle making, progress is progress!


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