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Multicultural UK – what does the ‘melting pot’ mean?

One of the best and most unique things about living in the UK is the variety in everything. Whether you want to eat different foods from all over the world, meet different people with all kinds of experiences, or know more about different cultures, the UK is the best place to go.

There’s close to 10 million people living in the UK that weren’t born there, and that number is higher if you include 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants to the UK too.

The idea of the phrase ‘melting pot’ is that all these different peoples, cultures and languages all go into the same mix, and can exist together, share the world together, and enjoy their lives together.

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If you’ve walked down any street in London, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. You’ll hear energetic African languages, fast Asian languages and exotic Arabian dialects, all in two minutes. Most people in the UK speak English, but there’s also a lot of people who still keep in touch with their mother tongue and communicate with their friends and family in a different language. There’s no social stigma attached, and it’s incredible to walk around a city, or sit on a bus and hear all types of languages being spoken freely and happily.


While race can obviously be a delicate and complicated topic, when it comes to multi-culturalism, the UK seems to be doing a better job than most countries. There is still plenty of negative racism to be found all over the world, but the UK is an excellent place to forget about race, and simply enjoy the diversity of ideas and types of people.


Spanish culture is a great example of how proud and enthusiastic a people can be about their heritage, but in the UK, you’ll find that same pride, but multiplied by 50 different cultures. You’ll see festivals, food celebrations, religious processions and much more, representing the many different groups of people that make up the almost 70 million people who live in the UK.

Everyone can share in these fun cultural events, and learn, enjoy and have a good time, regardless of which culture is bringing the party.


When it comes to the senses, the colours, smells, tastes and sights can almost be overwhelming in cities like London, Birmingham or Manchester. You can walk down one street, and consider eating at a Thai, Indian, Burmese, American or Colombian restaurant. And the next street has even more options for you to choose from. If you want to taste what the world has to offer, then I recommend spending some time in the UK!

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