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Open for the new academic year (2023 - 24)

Come join one of the longest-running English academies in Valencia, where our expertise and your passion for learning can come together.

We love to work with students over multiple courses, taking you all the way from the basics to high-level conversation, at your pace. If you’re looking for an English academy that wants to get to know you and how you learn, then come try a class and see how we work.

Our teaching method is based on improving confidence, fluency and accuracy. We love to use conversation and speaking exercises in our English classes, preparing you for real-life communication, not just passing important exams.

From the youngest of our students learning the basics to our most experienced and advanced groups, you’ll find our personal and experienced approach in every classroom and every online session.

To learn English in Valencia, contact us now.

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Online or in our academy


Our experience, your learning


95 % or


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Mums, dads and kids

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We work with several official examination Boards:

Cambridge Assessment English,

 TOEFL to help learners study abroad,

and SAT preparation for US university entrance.

If you want more information about our courses or simply need help finding what suits you best.

Then get in touch.


We’re lucky to be able to provide great English teaching to all ages and abilities. Whether it’s your young daughter, your teenage son or you want to take classes for yourself, we can help. We even have some families that all come to learn with us, kids, teens and adults.

Whatever your level or age, RKA Valencia will be happy to welcome you to the community.

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English Courses

For All

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