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Time to travel - Some great UK destinations!

International travel is starting back up again, and although the Delta variant is doing some damage, most of Europe is still making progress towards travelling and mixing once more. So here's a few places in the UK that will make your visit much more authentic and give you a better sense of what life is like for Brits.

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Up North

The north of the UK - from around Liverpool and further up, has a really wide range of places and stereotypes. It's a typically more industrial area than the cleaner south, but it also has some of the nicest and biggest national parks in the UK too. In the north you'll find big cities with more than 500,000 people, as well as large rural areas, farmland and stunning countryside too.

If you're going to visit anywhere in the north, check out the Lake District National Park, and the beautiful town of Ambleside.

Down South

People who live in the south think that it's the more sophisticated and educated part of the country, but it's also where you'll find 9 million people living in London, and some very expensive places to call home too. The scenery is generally nicer in the south, and the weather too. There are a lot less mountains and wild landscapes, and more carefully placed farms and very pretty hills and forests.

You should go see the New Forest, drive through small villages where wild horses wander around, and soak up the calm atmosphere.

Way West

The western part of the UK is one of the least populated and urbanized, with a lot of natural and farming land. It's known as the 'farming' part of the UK, with a very well known accent too. You'll find small and historical towns like Yeovil, Salisbury, Bristol and Bath. There's lots of green land, big country houses and quiet little villages too, and generally people living in these areas like art, culture, the outdoors and good beer.

Go see the roman baths and beautiful Georgian architecture in Bath.

Excitingly East

In the east, you'll find some of the least visited and to be honest, least attractive parts of the UK. Towns like Ipswich, Colchester, Essex, Bedford and Luton are mostly populated due to proximity to London and to big international airports. If you're looking for easy and quiet family life then you might look here, but if there's anything else on your mind, maybe visit another part.

Check out Buckinghamshire, for peaceful and very English countryside, as well as some excellent pubs and traditional British food.

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