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The best series to learn English at home

There are hundreds of potential English resources out there for learners, but the very best ones don’t feel like learning at all! If you want to know more about English classes, let’s chat.

When English learners can pick up natural expressions, new vocab and hear natural-level speeds, all from the comfort of their sofa, it’s got to be considered a big win for an English academy in Valencia . And so, what’s the best way to find these types of learning opportunities?

I think that one of the best options is to watch series in English. Let’s have a look at some of the best series for learners to improve their vocab, listening abilities and natural expression use.

Great series for vocabulary

The Crown

If you want to listen to carefully and precisely spoken English, then royal drama The Crown is a great first option. The speech patterns are not too fast, and the vocabulary tends to remain formal and typical at all times.

There are a few phrasal verbs and idioms thrown in, but on the whole, listening to Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II is an English learner’s dream!

The perfect series to learn a good accent, proper grammar, and formal English language. If all our English academy students spoke like the cast of The Crown, we’d love it.

How I Met Your Mother

This is much more towards the informal end of the vocabulary scale. You’ll hear Canadian and American slang all throughout the show, and many different regional accents too.

Not only can you hear what it sounds like when five English speakers have natural and social conversations, you can also learn all sorts of different idioms and phrasal verbs.

They cover meals in restaurants, trips with your family, dating, work life and everything in between. A great overall series to improve your social English.

Great series for listening abilities

Peaky Blinders

For a truly challenging series to practice listening, students really need a tough challenge.

Peaky Blinders is not only spellbinding and gripping, but also a marathon of regional accents, chopped up words and local slang.

Even native English speakers have a little bit of trouble understanding every last word in the strong regional accents of Birmingham in the early 20th Century, so give it a go and see how you get on.

A good series to test your ear, learn some new slang and get up to speed on the regional accents in the UK.


Sherlock is a similar story to Peaky Blinders, with gripping and unstoppable action meaning it’s impossible not to get hooked. It’s also similarly great for leaners of English.

Sherlock is challenging but in a different way, with high-level sentences, relatively complicated grammar and quickly spoken dialogue.

With fast-moving conversations, high level vocab and great action, Sherlock is brilliant for C1 and C2 listeners looking to hone their already sharp skills.


If you want more advice on how to improve your English, don’t hesitate to drop us a message, we love to help.

If you’d like to know more about our online and in-person English classes, contact us here.

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